Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mama's Day

Happy Mama's Day, especially to my favorite mama.
We'll see you in a month, Ma!

Here's a Happy Slip's Mother's Day video. If you haven't discovered Happy Slip yet (thanks Tita) then you should go watch! I recommend Mixed Nuts and the Peelings.

Happy Slip's family humor is pretty obvious to my sister and I. And since we are filipino, 'obvious' is still funny. Her accents sound much more Tagalog than the country-fried Ilocano accents we have in our family, especially the Auntie, who is super magat.

To compare my own mother to Happy Slip's, I think my mama likes flowers. I would never presume to buy her an outfit, though... or maybe it's that I would never shop. If I wrote my mama a song, I'm absolutely sure that either my she or my dad would get up and answer the phone, due to my parents' fascinating ability to only pay attention to me when I am watching a movie.

Finally, I cook for them sometimes, but it is guaranteed that as soon as we sit down, my dad will be late to the table, and then spend ten minutes getting some leftover tomatoes from the fridge, even if there's tomatoes on the table. He's done this since I was little, so by then, I'm screaming at him, so forget cooking a special meal for mama.

Anyway, words are the best. They are sincere, least likely to be sabotaged by dad, and involve zero minutes of shopping.

Life is short! I love you, Mama, every day! Happy Mama's Day!

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Paradise_Found said...

OMG! Happy slip is classic! She sounds exactly like my mom.