Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sneak Peek: SAM

Ride KC Metro buses for free today! Woo hoo! I wish I had somewhere to go!

Yesterday, for example, I went to an invitation-only preview of the reopening of the Seattle Art Museum's downtown site. H got an invitation. There were some light snackies, some give aways (buttons, WAMU-sponsored lunch bags), some short speeches from dignitaries.

Anyway, forget about all that. There was a jazz combo from Garfield High School that was largely ignored by the audience, but for my sister and I it was hard to look away. They were AWESOME. So cool, so mature, so talented, so YOUNG. There was a sax, a trumpet, a stand up bass, and a drummer. The level of maturity was absolutely sick. In fact, they were cooler than the museum coordinator who kept flitting over to talk to them during their set.

I guess I'm so used to high school drummers who let their attention drift off and then horn players whose solos go nowhere.

Anyway, afterward H and I went upstairs to see the museum's collection, which was AWESOME. The modern and contemporary exhibition, which had been crammed onto the 4th floor of the old building, was expanded into the new space. I kept finding myself being surprised by the collection.

So yah, it was fun. Now I want to take H and my mama to Paris, to do the museum pilgrimage.

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