Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh, just go read Seattlest today.

Check this out: Postman on Politics took a picture of the sign taped up to the door of the Senate Republican Caucus Room at the state capitol in Olympia. Thanks, Seattlest.

Democrats may be compared to many things (keystone cops? bumbling idiots? tree-hugging hippies? effeminate urban intellectuals? Mayor Quimby?) but honestly! The 1989 pro-Democracy crackdown? What a joke!


Do you love 25 for $25? You know, the 25 restaurants that offer a three course, 25$ prix fixe dinner (and $15 prix fixe lunch!) during March and November? Omg, so do I. Well, you'll be excited to hear about this new restaurant promotion: New Urban Eats. Twenty newish restaurants offering a $30 menu during the month of May (excluding Mothers' Day). Thanks again Seattlest, which hillariously refers to it as NUE, which is to me is vaguely reminiscent of blue and it's high priced French cousin bleu. Of course nue does not mean new; it actually means naked. Tee hee!


Finally, I loved the Supersonics. Loved them. Past tense. Now they want a new stadium, and the city of Seattle and the state of Washington are collectively yawning at them and looking at their watches. But hey, of course, there is a (wink) group of activists that wants to keep the team here.... and they're doing activist things, like holding a rally, running a website... Is it just me, or are the graphics a little too polished and fancy? No, nobody is claiming that they are a grass roots movement, but doesn't it look like they spent some good money on design and printing? I mean, doesn't it scream "we're being bankrolled by the millionaire owners of an team with millionaire athletes, telling taxpayers to cough up money or else we'll move our millionaire asses to Oklahoma City?"

Seriously, I'm yawning. And so is everyone else here. And so is Seattlest (thanks again).


Save Our Sonics said...

Yes, it is just you. Isn't it wonderful when you take 2+2 and make it equal 12?

Anyone that takes the time to do more then 10 seconds worth of research would know that the Save Our Sonics group is all volunteer and completely grassroots.

They have been very fortunate in the fact that Sonics and Storm fans are very passionate and very creative. Having a professional graphic artist donate his talents allowed them to have some nice looking graphics.

It is a great compliment that we have managed to do such a good job that you would assume we are paid, but that just isn't the case.

I assume you will apologize for making claims that are not true?

john patrick said...

Dear Save Our Sonics,

Your graphics look so slick and polished, that it leads me to suspect that you spent good money on professional graphics and printing.

If that hurts your feelings, I apologize. I am sorry that your shit looks so expensive. In fact, I'm sorry I implied that you were bank rolled by millionaires. I apologize.

I will also apologize for laughing out loud at the news coverage of people at the rally, with their awesome, expensive looking signs. I hear they are volunteers and completely grassroots.

Here's some more stuff I'm sorry about. I'm sorry I seem to have lost my outrage about the genocide in Darfur. I'm sorry this country is involved in a war on terror on two fronts, and that people are getting killed everyday. I'm sorry that there are hungry people in this world, when we totally have the resources to feed and educate them all, but not the will.

I'm sorry that there's a class of brown people in this country that do the menial labor in this country, people that pay taxes and drive the economy and make our lives comfortable, yet some people seem to make it their business to ensure that these people have no legal rights.

Finally, Save Our Sonics, I am so sorry that I do not give a shit about your cause.

Congratulations, though, on your awesome graphics. Your graphic artist does awesome work. Please accept that as a compliment.