Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And I Might Punch You

If I wanted to stand over your shoulder and hear the first things that come into your empty head, I would say, Stop what you're doing and tell me your comments right now.

When I ask you to email me comments, you EMAIL ME YOUR COMENTS.

No, you may not just sit there comfortably and spout off the first thoughts that come into you your empty head, while I stand over your shoulder. You will THINK about the problem, and then later you will send me a complete, well-thought out list of your ideas. Electronic, so I can refer back to them later.

When I ask you to proofread your page you TAKE A PEN and PHYSICALLY MARK UP YOUR ERRORS.

No, you may not stand there are call out your errors to me. Editing copy is not group work. If I had time, or was more familiar with your text, I would have done it myself. But I'm not, so shut up and mark the errors so they can be corrected.

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