Friday, February 23, 2007

Greek Gods Yogurt

I love Greek Gods Yogurt. Love it.

I am not a huge yogurt fan. However, the fatter, sweeter, and more expensive the yogurt, the more I tend to like it. Surprise.

I just got back from Metrosexual Market, with some basque cheese, a end of salami, some anchovy-stuffed olives, and some smokey almonds. Mmm. But all I want to eat right now is Greek Gods Yogurt. So far I've had honey, but I also bought pomegranite and fig.

Oh, by the way... new Alaskan Way Viaduct? No and Hell No.


Chadwick said...

No and Hell NO! Save billions! Recover the waterfront! Tear down the old monstrosity now!

I mailed my ballot yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with you this is the best yogurt I have ever tried. I'm addicted to the Greek Gods Honey (Hermes) yogurt and my children love it to. You should try the FIG out of this world its not a bend of fig and fruits its the really stuff.