Saturday, January 13, 2007

Filipino American Kid Glossary: the Naked Edition

bumba: naked. To go bumba; to be naked. Bumbastar; porn actor, or someone who is naked for too long.

labos: naked, exposed, without pants (i.e., Porky Pig)

burles: inverted slang for labos, therefore more fun. Also, reminds me of "burlesque."

panty: any underwear, including men's. E.g., "tell your brother to put her panties in the dryer with the panty of your dad."

puwet: butt. See also babot, ubet, tumbong.

singit: crotch. Funny because it sounds like English "Sing it!"

puki: vagina. See also pipit, pekpek, bao

patutin: weener

mabaho: stinky. Also mabantot (butt/fart-smelling), ma-anglit (rancid smelling), kilikili power (b.o.).

bungid: bend over.

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ding said...

i learned labos from you and learned puwet, pekpek, mabaho, mabantot from my mom. heh.

my sister and i still use these words.