Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So mad I could bite someone!

Due to my policy of overbooking myself, I have overbooked myself.

Of course work is insane, and I didn't get a chance to look at my appointment calendar today. Sound check, Mass, meeting, quiz, meeting. I finally came home, changed out of my suit, and relaxed on the couch, only to realize I had blown off an appointment with the oral surgeon that I had made in October.

That was today? I'm so angry I could bite someone. I think I will take my blood pressure right now, just for fun...

151/93. Rowr!

You know, I should be thankful everyday that I have medial insurance. And I am. But frankly, I resent having to take care of medical, financial, or even personal problems when I am slammed at work.

Grrr! I hate missing appointments! I've rescheduled for next month. GRRRRR.

Two more days... two more days until Christmas Break. Obviously, my brain is already on vacation. All I want is to forget about all the obligations for a while, and spend a few weeks at home with my family.

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