Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dulce de leche in my mouth.

Last night H, T, and I went to Che Argento, an Argentinian place on Greenwood. Do you pronounce it the Spanish way, or the Italian way?

It was good; we ordered a cheese pizza (muzza) and an antipasto plate (picada argentina; hard sausage, green olives, fava bean salad, fontina cubes, jamón, pickled eggplant, some kind of morcón made with steak rolled around a boiled egg, regular black olives from a can, brie, red peppers, and tongue. Pan caliente with chimichurri.

Dessert was a big slice of flan (yum) with whipped cream, and a giant hunk of dulce de leche. I want some dulce de leche right now. Right now! In my mouth!

I continue to look for places to take my parents to eat; they're coming in a couple weeks, they'll be here for three weeks. I wonder especially what they're gonna want to do for New Years' Eve.

H and I will plan, and present them with a couple options; that's the only way I can maintain a modicum of control over my own day. If I don't plan, we'll spend the entire time immobile in the fucking car, driving driving driving, and my blood sugar will crash, and I will probably put somebody in the hospital.

That reminds me, I better stock up on emergency beef jerky and stash it somewhere. Expect the best, prepare for the worst.

It's funny, because for some reason, I still try to uphold the value of the family eating together, even if my own blood sugar is so low, I'm seeing double. I should make myself a poster, so I don't forget. No more "saving my appetite," no more waiting for dad to come to the table. Just eat, John Patrick.

Also, I will not watch any movies or tv when my parents get here. One of my mama's talents is that she waits until I'm totally engrossed with a movie or a tv show, and then she will bust in and say 'we have to talk about money right now.' What in the hell? There are so many hours in the day, why can't you let me finish this show? Then she gets mad at me, because money is more important than a movie. So either I will avoid watching tv or movies.... or, when I know I am going to watch a movie, I will try to preempt the money talk; bring up money BEFORE the movie starts.

GRRR! Trying to anticipate how my parents will stress me out is stressing me out. This post was originally about dulce de leche, but now I'm giving myself a headache.


myrna said...

you are stressing out for nothing. think positive instead and you will attract positive energy rather than negative vibe. makes me feell like staying home, now. play with my dog.

Micaela said...

ay naku! Just be thankful they're coming!

Salvador said...

Keep things simple and relax!

Quality of life is what you make it!

Simple life is quality life!

Let's not forget who we are and be thankful for we have.

Goal is to go to heaven as we live in earth with love and peace.

We come in love and peace with Princess... simply just that!