Friday, December 01, 2006

Ah, Battlestar Galactica

They could have called this one "the case for emotional distance."

I know Starbuck is a woman now, but there was something about this episode in the denial, the longing, the sadness, the secrets, the wilderness, and the music that reminded me of Brokeback Mountain, which I loved of course, but I still never want to see it again.

I am sick of Starbuck and her taunting, and whiny Lee. I liked them both better when they were too busy being competent to dwell on the crapulesence of their personal lives. Lee falls short of being a tragic figure; his neediness detracts from his likability.

So what did we learn? Papa has to remain emotionally distant to ensure the survival of humanity, that's how he justifies it. Lee got fat to punish himself for his sins and the torch he still carries. Dualla is going to drop him like a hot rock, and no one will feel bad for him. Kara insists on sabotaging all happiness that's anywhere near her, she is pathologically cruel.

The string music is nice to listen to, but it doesn't make me like the characters as much as it wants to.

Next week's episode is a food crisis, everyone might have to go back to solving problems and being competent. Yi-uh! Maybe there will even be Cylons!

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