Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Afternoon: House is Still Clean

So I indeed scouted that church I was talking about; it was BIG and way out there. There was carpet on the floor, which I think helps the sound in a amphitheater-style church. The piano sounded WET, but I was told they don't start doing music for real until next week.

Of course I saw A's sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. The priest was a Jesuit who celebrates his 73rd birthday on Wednesday. The Gospel was the one about how the disciples didn't wash their hands as per Jewish law. During the homily, Father Birthday told an admittedly far-fetched anecdote about how a Rabbi who landed in jail once had to be taken to the hospital for dehydration because he used his water ration for ritual cleansing instead of drinking. We were supposed to snicker about the Rabbi who risks his own health for the sake of ritual, but I was snickering at the racist law enforcement who don't respect the cultural and religious differences of their clients.

I'll go again next week to see if I want to apply for the director job.

So yesterday A was looking for a parking spot near Tutta Bella, and J and I pointed out that she had just passed a spot, the last spot before the intersection. (btw, some neighborhood intersections in Seattle have a big round planter in the center, making an instant traffic circle).

So upon seeing the parking spot, A put on the brakes and waved the traffic behind her. A very angry motorcycle rider then started yelling at her, calling her very bad names for having stopped in front of him at an intersection; legally, by the way... an intersection in Seattle without stop signs is a four-way stop! So anyway, Angry Biker is so mad and he keeps swearing at A, and I'm starting to get mad, but then I remembered my recent renal biopsy, and I pictured my sister lecturing me about getting into a fight the day after getting my kidneys tagged. So wisely, J said, go go go, and A stepped on the gas, as Angry Biker falls off his bike.

So let's recap; Angry Biker is in the intersection, under his bike, cursing A for stopping legally.

We parked somewhere else, laughed smuggly, and then forgot all about him.

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