Friday, August 18, 2006

Some Wedding Drama

I'm sitting in Ballard Tully's, not because I'm a fan, but it's less crowded, less music, and less attitude than the Verite next door.

I don't want to get into the specifics of the latest wedding drama, it's not a good story. B and M want to bring one Guest to R's wedding, the Guest has already booked the flight. R says there's no room for Guest, and so now the fur is flying.

I didn't want to insert myself into it, so last night I heard what I had to hear and went to a music rehearsal. By the time I got home, my sister had left me a message saying that B and M had martyred themselves, declaring that they weren't coming to the wedding at all.

B used to be a chess player. What's the next move now, B? Are you gonna get your way, or are you staying home? If you stay home, nobody is happy. Is that the new goal?

B, M, and Guest all want to go to R's wedding. R wants to find a way for them to come, but he doesn't see a solution. Yet. Maybe in time, there will be a solution.

But oh, too late, B and M have closed the door and now there is no way to save face AND enjoy the wedding. This is sad.

Everybody stop making grandiose declarations. Have patience and look for a solution. Find a way to apologize to each other, because B, M, and R are ALL devastated at this point, and I don't give a FUCK who's to blame.

Find a way to rise above.

I wonder if there will be an after-party after the reception, like there was in Texas at Cowsin A's. I should just throw one.

There are little insects all over the window next to me. Tully's is kind of ick. My chair is made out of a pitchfork.

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