Thursday, July 27, 2006

!! Soul Burger

The two exclamation points remind you to scream the word "Soul;" think James Brown.

After class I wandered around Pioneer Square, thinking about lunch. I passed Tat's Deli, Soup Daddy, Sabor de Oaxaca, Bakeman's, Zaina, DiNunzio, Cafe Begodi... I passed them all. Wasn't that hungry.

So I caught my bus home and got off at the Silver Fork. It was mostly empty, there were cardboard signs notifiyting customers that they'd be closed for a few weeks in August for vacation.

I ordered the !! Soul Burger just because I didn't want to wait much longer for food, I was starting to feel shakey. The !! Soul Burger is a great bacon cheeseburger on a toasted sesame bun with a some beautiful, carefully placed, cool crunch onion slices and lettuce leaves. Oh, yes, lest I forget, there's a HOT LINK on it, split down the middle and grilled.

And now you know what the explanation points are for.

It was so good, I thought about calling someone.

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