Friday, July 21, 2006

...Get Out of the Kitchen!

Photo props to Dinah Satterwhite.

Hey, I'm the one who runs electronic poetry festivals! Sigh. Thanks, BitchPhD.

Oh well.

Excessive heat and air stagnation advisories in effect in Seattle. Most people are complaining wrechedly about the heat.

I'm from here, grew up here. We used to call this "good" weather, but I don't know what's so good about it. It's nice if you're off work, it's nice if class is out of session, but in weather like this, why would you want to go to work? How can people possible want this weather when they're not on vacation? It's gross. It's a stupid thing to wish for. I feel bad for people who live in this kind of traffic and have to work and conduct business in it every day.

This is my seattlitis kicking in. And I'm not alone. Rush hour traffic started at noon today. People can't stand it. We can't stay at work in this weather.

Some people aren't complaining about the heat; they are relishing it, gushing about it, wearing as little as possible, and making everyone hate them even more. Shut up, you idiots. Go explode.

Of course, I'm on summer break, so the heat doesn't bother me. I might go to a movie later.

I was at the office today, putting together some docs for a refi. Somebody said we're only a month away from having students back to school. GROSS.

In a future post, I will lecture all you renters on why you should buy a house now; thank God I bought a house when the economy was in the crapper.

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