Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Window. Guitar strap. Teeth. Glasses.

I called insurance about replacing a broken window (they're covering it). I called the contractor, who is sending someone to measure and then give the insurance company an estimate.

I picked up H and took her to the taylor that altered her bride's maid's dress. Then took her to lunch at Zeek's for slices and a salad. I had a slice of the Dragon, but I didn't eat the crust. My stomach doesn't digest pizza crust anymore.

Then I bought a new guitar strap.

Then I went to the dentist's office for the first time in three years. I loved it. My teeth were fine, no cavities, healthy gums (except for a little abrasion; I brush too hard). She took some xrays, scaled off a little plaque, had the hygenist polish my teeth. They set me up for an appointment in December, and that was it!

Afterwards, I went to A's place, we walked a few block's to the Northwest Vision Clinic and picked out a new set of glasses for me. A was a little stunned at how long it didn't take. I think it helps that a) my giant manly head limits the frames I can try on, and b) I can't see myself in the mirror when I'm trying on frames. So I just asked A what frames she liked on me, and that was that. I got a pair with magnetic shades. I spent more than most people would normally spend, but they'll be my first new pair of glasses in TEN YEARS.

By the way, I'll keep the old frames; next year I'll have new lenses put in them.

Finally I went to Tsukushinbo and had the three item combo: I chose broiled saba, broiled salmon, and sashimi. It was so good, I felt stupid; I can broil fish at home, and pay a quarter of the cost. Regardless, Tsukushinbo is a great place. I still prefer the sushi-do of Musashi, but Tsukushinbo is great in it's own way. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some fish and broil it with some sea salt.

Now I feel like eating a cookie. Now that I think about it, I haven't had any refined sugar today. Maybe it's withdrawal. Maybe I'll walk down the street and buy some berries.

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