Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Michelle Malkin is pangit pangit pangit. Pangit sa loob.

I hope she drowns in soup. I hope she is slapped to death by tsinelas. I hope she is force-fed her own shit and then slapped to death by tsinelas.

Michelle Malkin wants us all to give a thumbs up to racial profiling: suspect all Arabs. She wants us to buy her book and believe that Japanese internment was not so bad.

And now that screeching noise you hear is this worthless, putrid rotting piece of kalabao vomit rail against the terrorist threat of undocumented Mexican women who have their babies on American soil so they can live the American dream and ... and do what, you fugly witch, fly a plane into a building?

I can't speak on behalf of latino, Arab or Japanese Americans, but I will speak on behalf of Filipino Americans when I say that for the hate she advocates for, she deserves to be punched in right in her ugly eye shadow.

Michelle Malkin: may you get cholera. May your children dispise you. May your skin rot off.

Some day, the conservatives will turn on you and screw you over, you ass-monkey, and you will regret your media whoring. And then what will you do? Who will you run to then, you infected, puss-oozing scrotum rash?

Imagine the shame you bring upon your family, you stupid, ugly person. You are an embarassment to all Americans.


ding said...


she thinks her pipit is made of gold and i think the term 'internalized racism' can fit snugly into her cold, coulter-like cavity.

USpace said...

Ah yes, the growing totalitarianism and peaceful racism of The Left, such tolerant people. Once terrorists kill a bunch of people then we should send the cops after them, not before. Ya, sounds like a brilliant plan...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
firecracker journalists...

demonize minorities
who don't tow liberal line

planet run by Taliban
- nightmare's paradise

Melitz said...

Agree ako. Pagpalupaluin ng tsinelas at bigyan ng mag-asawang sampal.


Anonymous said...

Why is it liberals say the nastiest things about people advocating violence against them, then accuse their targets of being heartless and unfeeling?

It must be that old ccny 40s radical liberal mindset of destroying your opponent. Guess that explains 40 million dead in Soviet Russia and 60 million dead in China.

Obviously, 'hypocrisy' is not in liberals dictionary.

jp 吉平 said...

why do we say nasty things about people advocating violence against us? because they are advocating violence against us.

did anyone here accuse MM of being thoughtless and unfeeling?

I hate MM, but she is certainly not a victim.