Friday, June 30, 2006

The Day After a Karaoke Emergency

The day after a karaoke emergency is not easy. I like weeknight karaoke, and I don't regret going, but next time I can't stay so late. I bussed to class instead of walking, I didn't finish my character homework, and I was seriously fading around 11:30.

Still, we took some time during class today to see how many characters we rememebered. The other students remembered around 30. I remembered 53. That's right.

I have to remember to write an article on how not to learn a language; learning strategies that work, the ones that don't work, the ones that are actually harmful.

One thing that is almost irritating is that one of my classmates, when we're in conversation practice, always compliments me before answering my questions, and I can tell sometimes he doesn't listen to my questions. I always try to tie-in the new vocabulary with the stuff we've already learned (it's a technique), so instead of sticking to the patterns (I want soup, you want soup, don't you?) I mix it up (I want cat soup. You have a cat, don't you?).

Anyway, although it's nice to compliment other people, it makes the conversation just that much faker. Keep up with me, and compliment me later. Upon relflection, I could probably offer more positive reinforcement.

Lunch was at Takohachi, ordered the bento, which was PERFECT. What did I pay, $7? Two little pieces of fried chicken, a bite of salmon, some squash, edamame, a mini potato croquette, miso soup, a perfect tempura shrimp, and an AMAZING piece of tamago. That's right, I'm SHOUTING about the tamago.

Bussed home and took a nap. Neighbor lady thinks someone has been digging up a flower, not a squirrel. She gave me a lecture about getting out and meeting new people; if I don't, I'll never get married.

After the lecture, I came inside to write this blog and then study Mandarin. Friday night in Seattle, baby!

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