Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wow! Dolphins! and Luc Cagadoc!

So dolphins name each other! They call each other individual names, they recognize their own name, and the refer to third 'persons' using their names! Whistle whistle, squeak squeak! I wonder what else they name... and if they have verbs... and SYNTAX!

And now, they're saying that Luc Cagadoc and Spoongate may have just been a misunderstanding. Now that's journalism!

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bitchphd said...

Canada sucks. "Be like everyone else. We're not racist; if we were, no one would come to this school."

I suppose the advantage they have over the States is that, now they realize it actually is a cultural issue, they'll back down. OTOH, in an American school no one gives a shit how you eat unless you're actually throwing the food. Plus that passive bullshit about "it was a mistake." Way to teach the poor kid how not to admit he doesn't know something. Good teaching moment.