Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Luc Cagadog: Filipino Resistance Eating!

I'm getting a lot of hits from people who have been searching for Luc Cagadog, the little kid in Canada who has gotten in trouble ten times already for not eating Canadianly. (links later)
So welcome, pinoys, to this center of Filipino Resistance Eating!

There are other things I have been wanting to blog about, e.g., whether the Dia sin inmigrantes was successful, or how some white people can't wrap their minds around the word undocumented (they think the word refers to the documents that people may or may not be carrying... oh never mind, it's too stupid to try to explain). I've weighed in on Nuestro himno, but there's a lot more to say, now that the racism is precipitating out like scum in a pot of boiling chicken... lot's to talk about!

But let's talk about Luc for a second. Luc has a French name, just like I have an English name, rather than a filipino name like Bot-bot or Jr. "Luc" is a name that's difficult for Filipino and English speakers alike because of the high-front-founded vowel. So the Cagadog family is already integrating themselves in the community. They're making an effort.

Now let's examine Luc's crime, EWF (Eating While Filipno). I'm not sure if he's eating the school's lunch, or if he's eating from his baon, but maybe the school should reach out to the Filipino community there and give the mamas a workshop on how to make a baon that consists of a flat, depressing sandwich and some junk food. Flat, depressing sandwiches and junk food are, of course, eaten with your hands, which I'm sure is more civilized, much more CANADIAN than eating the Filipino way.

Because, let's face it; they're never gonna let Luc be a Canadian. Maybe today he'll eat with Canadian table manners, but who is going to teach him to wear shoes in the house? or to put soy sauce all over his rice? or to play hockey? If they really want him to be Canadian, then they should take Luc away from his parents, and let him grow up with some white foster parents. Et voila ce que vous voulez, pas vrai?

Or or or... here's an idea: STOP WATCHING HIM EAT. LEAVE HIM ALONE. Maybe you want me to come up to Canada and watch you eat? Is that what you want? No? People don't like that, you creepy molester. Leave the brown boy alone. HE'S EATING HIS LUNCH. Do you need something to do? Why don't you go get some healthcare (it's free!) or figure skate, or same-sex marry.

That lunch montitor is a fascist, and so is the principal for not calling him on it. They can both go skipping around and worshipping their swastikas.

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Evil Jonny said...

I feel that little brownboy's pain. I never ate school lunch for the same damn reason. It was crap so I didn't eat it, end of story. I guess I am still not eating it, partially out of protest and partially because, well, it's crap. I am so that little brownboy inside.