Thursday, April 13, 2006

Holy Thursday, Batman!

After Italian class tonight I walked over to the chapel and caught the end of the Holy Thursday service. After the service was over, I sat in front of the Sacrament and thought about Gesthemone, and did that thing the Jesuits always tell us to do--to mentally insert yourself into the Gospel.

So I was sitting in Gesthemene, and the Lord seemed awfully worried, but for goodness sakes, I'm not a teenager anymore, and I'm freezing out here in the middle of the night while my cult leader is sweating bullets. I am too old for this. Seriously, ever since we got into town he's been all about drama. He used to be cool!

And when the Judas came back with Temple guards, I totally hid in the bushes. I was mostly interested in getting away from Peter, because everyone knows that Peter's the stupid one.

And I ran back to my sister's house and told her to hide me. The door was open, you know, for Elijiah. And I did NOT cower. (I totally cowered) I just went bed. It's what I wanted to do in the first place.

And that's how I spent Thursday night.

Jesus can take care of himself. Seriously, I watched him command the wind and the seas once. He's got something up his sleeve. By the end of the night the Sanhedron will be eating out of the palm of his hand, and Judas, that suck up, will be signing them all up for Amway.

Sometimes, yes, it is too much to ask to expect us to stay up and pray. We are grown men. There will be plenty of time to pray tomorrow morning. And this will all blow over in the morning and I will hide Peter's wineskin and when he finds it, I'll give him a noogie. If he complains I'll threaten to drop him on his head or set him on fire.

Stupid Peter, he's probably outside the Sanhedron right now, making a big scene.

So, just in case any of you were wondering, dear readers, I was a jackass and a coward 2000 years ago. Don't be surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Love the Holy Thursday interpretation. That's some serious Ignatian meditation on the agony in the Garden. And I agree about Peter. And what's up with his successor?