Friday, April 28, 2006


This kid, Luc Cagadoc, has gotten in trouble with his school cafeteria monitor. Why? EWF (Eating While Filipino). We hold our spoon in our right hand, and then push the food into the spoon with the fork in our left hand. His behavior wasn't seen as subversive as it was 'disgusting.' Well, I'm eating in solidarity with Luc, and if you don't like it, you can go worship your swastika.

And another thing; if, in a fit of patriotism, I sing the National Anthem in Spanish, its not because I have some kind of English difficiency. It's not because I lack respect for America or Americans or the National Anthem itself. Quite the contrary; if I sing the National Anthem in Spanish, it's to offend your racist, facist ass, you ignorant pile-of-sores.

George Bush says that people should sing the National Anthem in English. Guess what, Georgie, THEY DO. He also says they should learn to speak English. Guess what, Georgie, THEY DO. And so should YOU, you imbecil.

So Georgie is right, we should all learn to speak and sing in English. I agree. In addition, we could all learn to sing and speak in Spanish. And some of us should learn Arabic! And some of us should learn Mandarin! Right George?

How could anyone find the National Anthem unpatriotic? Because of the interpretive translation? Noooo. They find it unpatriotic because they find the Spanish language itself unpatriotic. What exactly are they afraid of? Ask them; you'll find a spectrum of fear and facism. How can we stop people from the horrible crime of SPIS (Singing Patriotically in Spanish)? Expand the jails! Build a wall! Send them all back! They're singing!

This is the best one: the people that say that the National Anthem discourages people from learning English. Because the National Anthem is the primary text of English as a Second Language curricula. The millions of people all over the world that had been studying English have all just given up. Now that the National Anthem is available in Spanish, they no longer have to learn our language. Oh no! How are we going to exploit them now!


myrna said...

The boy eats in a proper Filipino table manner! That is our own Filipino etiquette.

From now on, although I do it now every time I eat rice, I will always eat using my fork to push my food while I scoop my food with my spoon. &)#@%&(%&$*@#&!!!!

If anybody is offended, I will eat with my bare hands and spatter them with bagoong!

Micaela said...

YAY! Bagoong punishment for all bigots!!!


Christopher Sundita said...

First time I've encountered your blog and you post about two subjects that pissed me off. Nakakalungkot nga ang mga ito, no?

I think we should remind the people who are against Nuestro Himno is that when the Philippines was an American colony, the American-sponsored government approved a movement to compose English lyrics to the National Anthem.

Since then, the original Spanish version of the national anthem has been long forgotten. When I lived in the Philippines, we sang "Land of the Morning" at my elementary school in Clark and at home we sang "Lupang Hinirang." It was not until I was in high school that I accidentally ran into "Tierra Adorada." Kinda sad, no?

But yeah - the Americans intended on replacing "Tierra Adorada" the Latinos don't intend on replacing the "Star-Spangled Banner," right?


Christopher Sundita said...

Re: Your comment in my blog.

Well, 2 out of three for now. I live in a small town in Pierce County.