Saturday, March 04, 2006

You'll Have To Arrest Me.

Props to Chuck Currie

If HR 4437 is to become law, and it becomes illegal to serve at a soup kitchen, give someone a ride to the bus stop, or hold their baby... if we have to stop showing compassion to people because they're not in this country legally, then you'll have to arrest me.

You'll also have to arrest Cardinal Mahoney.

When it becomes illegal to love and serve the poor, then I will become an outlaw.

This economy is supported by a class of people with no legal rights. You know what we call that? Well?

So maybe someday the suits in DC will figure out a way to have an economy that's not resting on the backs of the undocumented.

Until they do, I intend to serve some soup.

There is still a chance that this legislation can be stopped in the Senate. Do what you can.

But JP, aren't you flip flopping on the Separation of Church and State?

First of all, calling someone a hypocrite is not an argument, it's a distraction. And if I'm pro-choice AND with Mahoney for compassionate treatment of undocumented aliens, it's only because you're anti-choice and anti-immigrant, so I guess that puts you on two sides of the Church and State argument as well.

The constitutionally protected freedom of religion allows you and me to live out our beliefs without interference from the government. That's why you will not get an abortion or have a gay marriage; it's why I won't stop serving soup.

Here's an idea, why don't you propose some legislation that actually solves the problems of unplanned pregnancies, discrimination against homosexuals, and undocumented immigration, without taking away anybody's rights.

If you absolutely have to govern us, govern us in a way that preserves the rights that make us American.

But what about the unborn? Don't they have rights?

Yes. They do. So now hurry up and find ways to prevent unborn pregnancies, without taking away the rights of women. You can do it. (Here's a hint: ask women.)

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