Sunday, March 26, 2006

Computer Hell

So ever since I got back from Baltimore, I've been in computer hell. It's been very inopportune. The IT guy gave me a loaner, which doesn't do so well when it's not connected to an outlet.

I have a three day weekend. Tomorrow I'll grade, clean the house, do my taxes finally.

Today for breakfast and lunch I made myself some kimchi fried rice with pork. I did it wrong, so it was too oily. I'll do better next time.

For dinner, went to Blue C Sushi at the U Village with H. While we were waiting, she showed me a trick headache remedy she learned from her massage therapist: she put one hand on my 7th vertebra and then pointed two fingers at the center of my forehead. I don't know if the bad chi was coming out, or if the good chi was coming in, but it totally rocked.

We had our sushi and then went to the Rusty Pelican for dessert. Our waiter at the Rusty Pelican was young and spoke with a radio voice. My teapot came with a huge basket of tea bags, H's coffee creamer was thick, heavy cream.

There was an elderly man in a gray cardigan that was having dinner by himself across from us. For a while he was the only other customer.

Young radio voice brought a dessert tray with about a dozen ridiculously rich desserts. H chose a chocolate cheesecake; it was dark, dense, and fat. I had bread pudding, which was drowning in a puddle of white chocolate sauce swirled with a raspberry sauce. The bread pudding itself wasn't as custardy as I usually like it, and unevenly heated.

Later, a couple showed up and were seated next to us, and we heard the whole dessert tray litany again... The couple decided to split an ice cream sundae.

If you haven't seen the Rusty Pelican, it's a big space in downtown Wallingford, a former Greek diner, with free wi-fi and a decor that can best be described as 'geriatric.' H tells a tall tale that explains the massive dessert tray is the work of the owner-lady. The story goes that she can't control herself, she is driven by a horrible and inexplicable obsession to make dessert. Her husband says, just make a few desserts, but obviously she's still got some issues to work through.

I kinda wish we had had dinner there; a nice green salad, a monte cristo, maybe, and then we could have split a single dessert. Young radio voice brought our bill; for two desserts a cup of tea and H's decaf, it was about $20.

Last night we ate at Shilla, a Korean grill near the Center. All we wanted was naeng myun, but we decided to split a single order of naeng myun and another order of bulgogi. We were a little disappointed by the naeng myun, it wasn't the same tangy beefy wonderful we remember. I'm pretty sure it's different in the summer. I have half a mind to drive north tomorrow morning for some bibim naeng myun, but I got so much to do.

I can't wait till summer, or as I now call it, naeng myun season. I'm planning on taking a Mandarin class at the UW this summer, which means I'll be in the U District every day this summer.... I could eat naeng myun every day for lunch for three months straight....

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db said...

if you can eat naeng myun every day, you can join that unique club to which belong my father and my brother-in-law. When are you coming down to have LA naengmyun?