Thursday, February 02, 2006

You don't mention the word 'addiction' ...

Here is the story of my addiction.

I like the taste of Snapple. Simple, refreshing, sweet, non carbonated.

But full of sugar, which feeds a carb addiction. So in an effort to cut calories and give my blood sugar a break, I made the mistake of buying a case of Diet Snapple, sweetened with aspertame rather than sugar.

Big mistake. Last night I drank five bottles of Snapple in the evening. When I woke up this morning, I had a headache, which got worse as the day went on.

Tonight before my Italian class, A and I had dinner at a middle eastern restaurant. She had a gyros plate, I had a combo plate. As I placed my order, I noticed they had a case of snapple behind the cash register. When I saw that none of the bottles were diet, I decided to stick with water.

I told A about wanting Snapple, but only the diet version. A remembered when M went off Diet Pepsi for a week, and how the students complained how mean she was that week. That's when I connected the dots and realized that my headache was due to Diet Snapple withdrawal.

A suggested that I buy myself a bottle before class started, I laughed. Enabling!

Anyway, midway through Italian class, I couldn't stand it anymore. I excused myself in the middle of class and went to the pop machine down the hall. I came back with a bottle of Diet Mr. Pibb. I ended up surpressing burps for the rest of class, but the effect on my headache was immediate. It didn't go away immediately, but it definatley changed the nature of it, took the edge off.

Can you imagine if a student left in the middle of a class of mine and came back with a bottle of Diet Mr. Pibb?

So anyway, I'm back home again, and I've already swallowed two bottles of it. I am going to try to cut down tomorrow. Really, I can stop any time.


myrna said...

Hala, sige...
drink distilled water instead.

ding said...

replace that addiction with another one. like, cashews or something.

that'll help. really.