Saturday, February 04, 2006

Other People's Dreams

D sent me this dream:

i was a secret agent on the run with A- and a big tall guy, trying to flee from a terrorist cell made up of tim gunn (project runway), several small brown asian men (negritos of the mountain), denzel washington and i think andrae (also of project runway.) they had us trapped at the top of a big barn and we had to jump out the window onto a passing train filled with hops (those little flowers you turn into beer). why were we running? maybe because i was undercover at [a major accounting firm]and discovered my boss was a terrorist who revealed herself at an all-hands meeting so i knew i had to get out.

anyway, we're in the train filled with hops and we enter this little, quiet dogville town. remember the town in chitty chitty bang bang? the one with no children? we had to find the children, escape the terrorists (tim gunn, et al) and get out of dodge. but they found us while we were having tea with the children!! so i started to viciously spit raspberry jam at them; they were so startled it gave me enough time to poison the little asian guys, kill tim and andrae and pound a nail into the back of denzel washington's brain.

hm. what's up with that?

Well, my friend, this dream shows that you are deeply, deeply insane.

Like D's mama, my mama sings "Negritos of the mountain" as well:
Negritos of the mountain, what kind of food do you eat?
What kind of food do you eat?
What kind of food do you eat?

"Yah," says my mama, "we sang that song in school. I don't know why the taught us to discriminate those negritos. Leave them alone! What kind of food do they eat? What do you think! Regular food! Sometimes those Filipinos are racist too..."

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ding said...

i used to think i imagined that song. but i didn't! ha!

no, the dream means that i subconsciously blame my father/denzel washington for my fucked up relationships with men.