Monday, February 20, 2006

Kau Kau the kalabao

This was my breakfast yesterday. It's from Kau Kau restarant; 'kau kau' in Hawaii means 'to eat' but in Pangasinan it means something else, something very hygienic, but not polite to talk about, especially when it comes to food. Once my mama made an off color crack about 'kau kau,' and my sister and I screamed and held our ears.

Anyway, the thing about Kau Kau Restaurant is that it has an AMAZING Chinese bbq, especially the fat, sticky, beautifully sweet bbq pork, easily the best in Seattle.

Now, normally I would go to Kau Kau, order bbq pork and some chinese broccoli. The bbq pork, roast pork, and roast chicken are world class at Kau Kau, but the rest of the food is a notch below.

Well, yesterday for breakfast, I was by myself, so I rather than order off the menu, I ordered off of the combo menu posted on the wall... yes, the tourist menu. It said pork fried rice, bbq pork, steamed vegetables, deep fried prawns, and soup du jour (it was egg flour soup).

So I ate all the soup, took a bite of pork and pork fried rice, and then took this picture. As soon as it hit the table, I wished there was something simpler on the tourist menu, but what-the-heck, there are worse ways to spend $6.00.

By the way, the pork was the biggity.

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