Sunday, January 29, 2006

But I want to see the lion dance :(

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone. I'm not cleaning my house today, but I am finishing my grades for the past semester.

I decided I was going to grade at Yummy House, but on the way there, I saw the Lions getting ready to dance at the Mekong Market, in my neighborhood! No, I thought, gotta grade. So I drove down to the ID, hoping that the lions would dance at Yummy House.

They didn't, but I did hear them, in the neighborhood. I didn't want to interrupt my grading, but I did finish grading sooner than I thought I would, and when I stepped out onto the street, I heard the drums and gongs: boom, ba-ba-boom! boom, ba-da-ba boom-boom! I decided to follow the drums, but then they stopped. I walked around the block (it's wet and windy) but didn't see where they went.

Uh! I want to see the lion dance! :(

So I got back in my car and drove home. Of course as I drove by I saw the lions assembling in front of Viet Wah on Jackson. :(

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