Sunday, December 04, 2005

Brown Elephant 2005

First of all, let me say that my favorite Dec 1st post that I've read so far is here, although I am enjoying d's discussion about yao-fen and the jiggaboo.

So here are the highlights of Brown Elephant 2005.

  • It is too cold to cook lumpia outside.
  • Wild salmon filet is delicious, but cooking it under the broiler burns the shallots and sets off the fire alarm. $50 well spent.
  • Electronic catch phrase works fine as a hot-potato drinking game. Brring! you have a phone call!
  • People were not excited about miso soup or grocery veggie tray. Plenty of stir fry at my house for the next few days!
  • Let H sit on the couch! She's due in February!

Some of the gifts that the Brown Elephant brought us:

  • a flask in the shape of a cell phone
  • a poster of my sister's face photo shopped onto Charlize Theron's body.
  • bobble-head cheerleader L
  • a framed picture of T, shirtless and flexing
  • a wind-up penguine, that poops cola flavored candy poops
  • a set of ping pong ball guns
  • a regifted cheese plate in the shape of a wine glass
  • reindeer antlers
  • America; Land of the Free t-shirt
  • Eagle clutching the General Lee, six pack of Miller High Life

The menu:

  • broiled salmon: shallots, olive oil
  • chicken/pork lumpia
  • bbq pork
  • frozen mini-quiches
  • veggie tray
  • miso soup
  • unfrozen cheese cake
  • mochi ice-cream

Everything was easy easy easy to make, except for the lumpia, which became a segment of the party. Lumpia making, eating, brown elephant, and brring!

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