Monday, November 28, 2005

Things I Hate

i hate getting behind on grading. i hate looking for a blown fuse in my cressida. i hate when people act like mortgage bullshit is more important than MY WORK. i hate folding laundry. i hate going into a store or restaurant where the music is invasively loud. i hate when stupid people think i'm as stupid as they are. i hate wrong notes on the guitar. i hate teaching people who don't want to learn. i hate when rice goes bad in the cooker. i hate FAXING. i hate ann arbor. i hate shopping. i hate when ignorant people talk to me about linguistics. I HATE GREEN BEANS. i hate casinos.

I am entitled to hate certain things.

1 comment:

bitchphd said...

I take it you don't want to do my grading, then.