Monday, November 07, 2005


So today I brought my guitar to work, so I wouldn't have to drive home and then back to Fremont for my lesson. Decided to eat on the Ave at Aladdin's Gyrocery (easily the best gyros in Seattle, also a noticible lack of republicans). I parked, and across the street I noticed Ichiro restaurant, Korean and teriyaki.

I went in and ordered the bi bim bap. The Korean part of the menu was not all that extensive. There was a tv on top of the refrigerated pop case; it was pointed to the dining room and the volume was turned to 'pay attention' level. Loud. Kirsty Alley on Oprah. Also, a lady who developed the 'sex' weightloss plan. That's what we were watching.

Had some tea at starbucks to kill a half hour, then when to my guitar lesson. Once again, my lesson was mindblowing. Z has got me starting to read music, which is not hard for my eyes or brain, but is impossible for my wildly spastic fingers. I have absolutely no control over my fingers, either hand. So he gave me some dozen-a-day style exercises, and I intend to spend the next few weeks doing them, to get my hands under control.

He also showed me how little it actually takes to play a note. That's why real guitar players don't have torn up finger tips (like I do). Posted by Picasa

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