Saturday, October 29, 2005

what do i want? a hot dog?

Raver Asian --
Most likely to say: "Pass me a
- You're the most common type of asian. Even if
you can't rave, you know someone who can. Most
of your friends are asian but you're not as
cliquey as the Gangsta Asian. You get good
grades, but may have smoked something once or
twice in your life. Your hair has probly been
dyed an unnatural color once in your life too,
and you can most likely dress.
*Best Asian Match: Raver Asians usually, but
Gangsta Asians too, and only sometimes Banana

How Asian Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


db said...

Where do you find these sites?

Micaela said...

I have a very low percentage on these quizzes. I'm going to cry my cracka ass to sleep now.

john patrick said...

google, baby.

ding said...

um...i'm gangsta asian.
i don't even know any gangsters...

Micaela said...

D - doesn't black folks = gangsta? haha. whatever, we all look the same - and we're all the same inside, riiiiight? (pink!)