Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Question Your Assumptions

Nobody likes to be called a refugee. Nobody.

'Don't call them refugees!', they say, 'these are Americans!'

Do you hear the difference? "Americans" deserve urgent help and compassion. "Refugees" must not.

Maybe that's why Americans look at the world's problems with such apathy (unless it's a place with oil).

Well, guess what, a hurricane blew in from the world, into America, and has created refugees, and the majority of them are black.

Now African American leaders are telling us not to call them refugees. Why? Because they know America's record of ignoring refugees.

It's been a week, and the recovery effort has started to flex its muscle. Somebody, though, should be held accountable for the week that America stumbled. I say "should" be held accountable, knowing that they will probably pass the buck and get of scott free.

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