Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Hurricane Dream

I just had a dream that I was in New Orleans with my parents at a restaruant, but lost track of them in the hurricane when I got up to order a fried shrimp and oyster po' boy. The service was friendly and polite but incompetent. When I realized I was dead, I haunted the restaurant's staff and customers to express my anger at them for losing track of my parents and never bringing my fried shrimp and oyster po' boy. I especially haunted the waitress that took my order, the one that looked just like K.T. I became a tourist curiosity; people would come to the restaurant just so that I could lift their hair and scare them. There was one black woman who could see me, she teased me for not having shaved in a while. Finally after a few days of haunting, I told the woman I was going to look for my parents in the neighborhood. So I told her to stay in the restaurant and tell my fans that I was taking a break. She followed me out onto the street, though, temporarily losing site of me in the light of day.

Then I woke up because someone was ringing my doorbell. Then I sat down to blog. Now I'm going back to bed.

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