Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Maneki sushi

So we finally went to Maneki, the secret sushi place where the chefs supposedly hang out after hours. The reputation is deserved: the fish is fresh and generously cut. The service was faster than I could think. The tempura was amazing; crispy and without a trace of oil. Even the fruit was impeccable. Honeydew and an orange slice.

I might go there again.

The rice tasted bland. The tea tasted like rust.

Next time I will order ice water and sashimi.

Sorry, no links to this, but NPR had a story on the sheriff from the town across the river from New Orleans, the man who shut down the last bridge out of New Orleans and sent hundreds of people BACK to the convention center to protect his town from looting. Their city council unanimously passed a resolution supporting the sheriff's actions.

I find the sheriff's actions dispicable. Sure, he didn't have all the facts; sure we knew more than he did about the situation. Somewhere, though, he made a choice to let people suffer. For what? Property.

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myrna said...

I saw that. I almost puked! I hope worms eat him alive!