Monday, August 01, 2005

You gotta be kidding!


This is the third time this summer I got left the tv on in the living room and came back to The View! And invariably they are talking about something AWFUL and I end up watching the end of the segment.

So today they had two guests on representing a straight camp. One was an ex-gay, an alumnus of the camp, who said that the program helped him to have healthy relationships with other men, and so now he's starting to notice women. Not be attracted to them yet, but to notice them and actually to dream about them. The other guest was the program's director, a strapping young blond man with a chisled face. You gotta be kidding!

I'm not gonna say it.

But I guess having a pretty face on your creepy organization goes a long way with people. Here's the link, for your viewing pleasure.

AND THEN THE NEXT THING on the View (dammit! why didn't I change the channel!) was a woman who wanted to teach her binge-drinking freshman daughter a lesson. So the mom binge drank in front of the daughter and the rest of her kids to teach them all a lesson. The younger kids were tramatized, and the freshman daughter said she drinks less now (bullshit, that girl didn't have a braincell to spare). Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I changed the channel, finally. Now the Ellen show is on, but I'm not really watching. I have to have to have to clean the casita.


bitchphd said...

You shouldn't watch the View.

PK just said to me, over dinner:

"Mama, what do mice eat?" I said, "Oh, I dunno. Cheese." "What else?" "Well, pretty much anything people eat, I guess." "Do they eat pancakes?" "Yes," I said, "they eat pancakes."

"JP will be so pleased," he said, "to hear that they eat pancakes."

ding said...

i *won't* go look at the gay/straight camp. i won't!

and i saw that woman on that show 30 Days. the whole thing would have been better if the experiment had been designed differently; the binge drinking mom rarely drank in front of her daughter, so her goal was pretty much neutralized.

it's like these people have forgotten what an afterschool special looked like.