Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today is Wednesday?

My cousin just texted me that today IS Wednesday, dumbass. Oh, whoops.

Today was dedicated to shopping with my parents for shoes for my sister, who is at work. We had lunch at Hana in the Great Wall. We ordered a seafood pancake, spicy pork bbq, and mul nyaengmyun. It was good, but the panchan weren't as fun and exotic as we like. Still, we managed to overeat.

There was more shopping, and then we came home to rest for the afternoon. Nap time.

We'll meet some cowsins at Yamashiro tonight for happy hour. We'll have to leave early to get there on time. It's across town through traffic.

Tomorrow night, we're having the cowsins over for dinner. Maybe I'll make a seafoood boil, maybe I'll just fire up the grill. Who knows.


One time, my friend was driving B and me back to school from Green Lake. Of course we went through the Wallingford neighborhood, which is a nice city neighborhood north of Lake Union in Seattle. I used to live two blocks from the lake; we had a view from the Space Needle to Suzzalo Library.

Anyway, we weren't driving by the lake, we were up by St. Bens, and J says, let's drive by Dave Matthews' house! It's just around the block!

Ooh! says J, there's Dave Matthews' house! and there's his garbage!

B says, who is Dave Matthews?

And I said, there's Dave Matthews right there. He was pulling weeds, looking unshaven and wearing all black, like a backup singer.

So B didnt' know who he was. Me, I am totally not starstruck. Meanwhile, J is PUNCHING MY THIGH saying Oh my god, it's him it'shimit'shimit'shim. Aren't you guys excited?

No, J. The man's pulling weeds.

I'm not starstruck.


Anonymous said...

Did you really have to post on the internet where the poor bastard lives? Why not delete that part and let him keep a little privacy so some whacko doesn't google his whereabouts? It's pretentious and irresponsible to broadcast to the world the whereabouts of his house, and he probably lives here because Seattle is a low-key place. I live in Wallingford and we don't need a bunch of starf*ckers cruising the streets trying to find the poor man's house. Have a little decency and edit your post, please. Thanks.

db said...

uh, anonymous, did you find jp's blog by googling dave matthew's whereabouts?

john patrick said...


Hey Dave, I deleted the part where I said you lived around the corner from, but since anonymous mentioned Wallingford, there's no point in editing that out and leaving the anonymous comment up.

By the way, every white kid in Seattle under 30 knows where you live, it's got to be the worst kept secret in the world. I mean, since they see you regularly at the Food Giant and all.

(internet stalkers: Food Giant is a Seattle code word you'll never crack)

Anyway, if you want to prevent starf*uckers from cruising the streets of Wallingford, you are late by a matter of years.

This blog is about me, it's not about Seattle celebs. There will be no more references to Dave Matthews, or for that matter, Bruce Lee, Mix-a-Lot, Matt Groening, Quincy Jones, Mario Batali, Ichiro Suzuki, Heart, or the guy that played Tarzan.