Thursday, July 21, 2005

Liquid Lounge

What did I do today?

I wasted most of the day. Showed up a little late to my first guitar lesson; it was awesome. I paid for today and for the next time. Tomorrow I'm going to practice practice practice.

I came home, and H was making chicken adobo. The chicken cooked before the juices reduced, and we had a disagreement over what to do. I said, cook it down! She said, no, the meat will overcook! I was a little confused when she didn't want to cook it down, but it was still good. We ate a tagalog-style adobo. After we had eaten some, she went back to the stove, reduced the juices, and tossed some of the meat (ilokano style adobo). We agreed not to brown it, so the meat wouldn't overcook. In my family, cooking is a form of independence, so I try not to give her a hard time.

Anyway, the cowsins (M and L) watched "So you think you can dance" while I took my guitar out on the porch and practiced strumming. It's what I have to work on.

Then we all went to Liquid Lounge at the EMP for some Wednesday night karaoke. The EMP is a landmark building, but the Liquid Lounge isn't by any stretch of the imagination a neighborhood bar, so the place was half empty. That's the best karaoke environment. I'll tell the teachers.

On my way home, I stopped for a Wendy's double stack with cheese. Hmph.


Micaela said...

It wasn't that bad (didn't deserve to be called "tagalog" style)!! It was just bland. If it was tagalog style it would have been bland and swimming.

I'll keep working on it.

myrna said...

Sshh...secret ingredient for adobo mom's style....a little bit of wine, any kind, a tiny squirt (about a tsp) of ketsup to sweeten, and oregano, thyme and bay leaves. ...then there should be no dispute whether Ilocano style or Tagalog style because you would have the best tasting adobo ever.