Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cable service

Finally I'm able to watch The Dog Whisperer.

A Noah Wiley looking cable guy came and check out my cable, said my signal was weak. He called in to schedule another service call because he didn't have an amp on him. That's when another cable guy, Garth from Wayne's World, came in with an amp in his hand. They were chatting about work and ignoring me, but they fixed up my cable, and it looks digital again, no problems with 'tiling'.

It's been 20 minutes already and Dr. Carter and Wayne are still out in the street chatting. They won't have another apointment set until 20 minutes.

The Dog Whisperer is brilliant. It's just like Super Nanny and Nanny 911; people become exhasperated by the behavior or their kids or their dogs find out that it's their own lack of parenting skill (or lack of dog owner skill).

Today I made spaghetti with clam sauce for lunch; dessert was a couple of slices of watermelon.

Early breakfast this morning was at Beth's on Aurora. Great hash browns, crappy corned beef, schizophrenic client. I sat and read the Seattle Sinner.

It's clear and sunny in Seattle today. I have to go for a walk.

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